12-year-old boy dies after falling from climbing wall at trampoline park

A 12-year-old boy tragically died in the hospital after falling approximately 15 feet at a trampoline park in Gaston County, according to the Lowell Police Department. 

The accident occurred Wednesday night, June 19 as the child was climbing a rock wall at the Altitude Trampoline Park located at 3940 E Franklin Blvd. in Gastonia. 

Matthew Lu, 12, fell on the concrete from the climbing wall, and that he did have a climbing harness on, officials said.

According to the 911 call log, he was breathing abnormally after falling about 15 feet from the wall. The boy was rushed to Levine Children's Hospital in Charlotte for treatment. He was pronounced dead late Thursday night. 

Brian Jones was at Altitude Trampoline Park when he heard screams and looked over to see the boy on the hard floor. He called 911.

"When I saw him laying there so still, you could tell that it might not have a good ending," Jones told FOX 46. "I didn't know the kid, but I can feel for the kid and feel sorry for his parents."

The rock climbing structure was closed following the incident while officials with Altitude Trampoline Park could look into exactly what happened to cause this tragic accident. 

Police said no criminal charges will be filed in this case and they're calling the incident an accident.

"This is the first injury we've come across Altitude as a brand," said Courtney Wilde with Altitude Trampoline Park. "We're doing everything we can to diligently find out what happened."

According to the NC Department of Labor, trampoline parks are excluded from the Amusement Device Safety Act and therefore are not regulated by the NCDOL, Elevator and Amusement Device Bureau. 

Statement from Altitude Trampoline Park released this week: 

"There was injury at our park involving a 12-year old child. We’ve been in touch with a representative from the family. We are not in a position to speak for the family. As we get more information we will share it with you. In the meantime, we are taking every step necessary at the park. The rock climbing has been closed while we investigate exactly what happened.

Out of respect for the guest’s family and to honor the life of our guest, the park is closed today [Friday]. When we reopen, the Clip ‘N Climb area will remain closed as we work to find answers. Our number one goal is safety and insuring this never happens again."