12-year-old entrepreneur, Panthers fan gets surprise at game

It’s been a whirlwind since FOX 46 first featured Jaylin Clyburn on our station.

“I didn't think it would explode like that,” Jaylin said.

We found an ad he posted on Facebook saying he wanted to mow lawns to raise money for college. We thought it’d make a cute story; and it did.

The community started to get results for him. People started hiring him, someone bought him back-to-school clothes and custom t-shirts; even the South Carolina State Treasurer donated $250 toward Jaylin’s college tuition. Then the Panthers got wind of the story.

“Someone had called my mom from Lowes and told my mom that they wanted me to come cut the [grass at] Bank of America Stadium,” Jaylin recalled.

It’s when he was cutting the grass at Bank of America Stadium that head coach Ron Rivera pulled up with a cart full of supplies.


SC Treasurer donates $250 to 12-year-old entrepreneur's college savings fund

Lancaster County 12-year-old cutting grass for college

“I said, ‘Thank you for all this stuff you guys got me.'” Jaylin said.

Among other items, they got him an electric lawnmower, headphones for lawn mowing and listening to music and a Panthers cooler. That wasn’t all, though, David Tepper wanted to meet him too.

“He said that keep working hard and keep my mind focused on cutting grass,” Jaylin said, “and keep learning in school and stuff.”

Tepper gave Jaylin the hat off his head, but he told Jaylin’s mom he’ll do much more than that. He’s going to help pay for Jaylin’s college.

“I'm grateful for everything,” Jaylin said.

On the outside, Jaylin is just a kid. He now has an autographed football from his favorite player, Cam Newton, but he plays catch with the other one the Panthers gave him. His classmates at school say he’s famous, but after all the fun distractions, he has the mindfulness to say ‘thanks.’

“I want to give a big thanks to y'all,” Jaylin said.

And the good news kept rolling in for Jaylin. He was given tickets to attend Thursday night’s game with his mom and they had pretty nice seats behind the field goal! A big thanks to 'Roaring Riots' for providing those tickets.