13-year-old robbed at gunpoint in Huntersville home

A 13-year-old was caught in a terrifying situation in his house when he saw a masked gunman inside. 

"There were a lot of police and they were checking ID’s of people coming in and out of the neighborhood,” neighbor Joshua Scott said. 

Some in the Stephens Grove neighborhood are shocked after learning about a home invasion in their quiet community that put several nearby schools on lockdown.

"It's a bit unsettling but there have been recent incidents in the several years in the adjacent Lake Norman area so eventually I figured it would come home to roost."

Huntersville police say a masked gunman broke into a home on Glengarrie Lane and robbed the 13-year-old boy of several hundred dollars, then pushed him down the stairs. The ordeal started around 8:45 a.m., and according to reports lasted nearly two hours. Neighbors say they're now on high alert.

"Keep your doors locked, we have a security system so either invest in a security system or at least put a sign in your yard for deterrent. Just general safe practices."

Police are still searching for the gunman. In the meantime, neighbors find some comfort in knowing that several officers live in the area. 

"I just hope we can prevent anything further like this in the future and stop it so no one has to go through anything traumatic like that again."

The teen was not seriously injured and is expected to be okay.