13-year-old student arrested for bringing gun to school

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A 13-year-old was arrested for bringing a gun to school, according to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department.

The teen, a student at Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School, was charged with possession of a weapon at school after it was discovered that he had an unloaded gun in his backpack. 

The school principal, Jennifer Dean released this statement on Thursday:

"Good afternoon MLK, Jr. families. This is Principal Dean with an important message. Today a gun was found in a student’s backpack. The weapon was not loaded. There was never a threat and no one was injured. Please, make sure that you check your child’s backpack for any inappropriate items that should not be brought to school. Thank you for your involvement with MLK. If you have questions, please call the school at 980-343-0698."

MLK Middle School students FOX 46 spoke with say they were unaware a gun was even in the school on Thursday but also add sadly they're not all that surprised

"It's really dangerous for us kids there and I'm really not surprised because a couple years back somebody brought a gun to school and put it in their lockers, that's why we don't have lockers," 7th  grader Zamyah Young said.

Even though the gun wasn't loaded people we spoke with say it never should have made it through the doors of the school.

“To think that, I’m at my home or at work and somebody bough a gun to school, just a fact that it could've been loaded, that could've been somebody's child that could've been hurt. You send your kids to school to learn, but at the same time you are worried about them because something like this happened," Denika Truesdale said.  

Students, now worried, say this situation could've been a lot worse.

"They could've started shooting and shot kids, you never know, we could've been victims," 7th grader Greson Canas Mendez said.

Where the gun came from and what led the boy to bring it to school still remains a bit of a mystery and is still being investigated by CMPD. Some parents feel peer pressure may have played a role.

"Kids getting into a lot of things and hanging around a lot of people that's influencing them to do a lot of things. We really have to pay close attention to our kids nowadays," Trusdale said. 

CMS is now encouraging parents to check their children's backpacks for any dangerous or inappropriate items.