14-year-old girl arrested for making threats toward Southwest Middle School

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A 14-year-old student has been arrested and charged with making violent threats on social media to Southwest Middle School, Charlotte-Mecklenburg police said. 

The juvenile is charged with felony 'making a false threat towards a school,' police said. 

The threat posted on social media this week had parents scared to send their children to school on Thursday. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police and CMS were investigating the threat that was being passed around on Snapchat Wednesday.

The threat was directed towards Southwest Middle School in the Steele Creek neighborhood and said: "I'm on that suicide s*** if imma die y'all dying too i shooting up southwest tmr be ready." 

Kourtney Shannon, whose son showed her a screenshot of the Snap, said she wasn't sending her children to school on Thursday. 

“It saddens me to see my son and daughter in fear to attend school because they think a school shooting will happen. I hope and pray it's a prank but I can't take any chances. I won't send them to school tomorrow,” she told FOX 46. 

Officers were investigating the credibility of the threats before an arrest was made on Thursday.