15-year-old arrested for bringing gun to Statesville High School

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A 15-year-old high school student was arrested and charged by the Statesville Police Department after bringing a gun to school. 

Police say on Monday, Nov. 26 a school resource officer at Statesville High School noticed the teen showing students something in his backpack in the cafeteria. She became suspicious and questioned the student, who was then taken to the assistant principal's office. 

The student acknowledged that there was a gun in the backpack prior to a search. School administration and police searched the backpack and seized an unloaded firearm along with a full magazine of ammunition.

The student was taken into custody immediately.

Principal Hans Lassiter said, “I have to thank the quick thinking of School Resource Officer Kathleen Pope. She noticed something was afoot and notified administration immediately and let the search process take over.”

No students or staff were threatened, and the school says instructional time was not interrupted. Additional resource officers will be on campus for the remainder of the day for added precaution.

“It’s very scary, bullets can go anywhere,” said Jenifer Monge. “People can run, they can break into your house and they can shoot you. It’s too much.” Monge is a mother of five and lives across the street from Statesville High School, but says she won’t send her eighth grader there next year: “I think that we haven’t made it a big enough deal. There haven’t been strict enough consequences.”