2 arrested in Iredell County with thousands in fake cash

In Iredell County, deputies found more than $8,000 in counterfeit cash.

Close to 100 fake bills were found in the hands of 40-year-old Jason Connolly and 31-year-old Ashley Jenkins.

“They’re all $100 bills with the same serial numbers and Chinese characters on the back,” Captain Bill Hamby with the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office said.

The bills might look like they could pass for the real thing here, but the Iredell County Sheriff’s office says the pictures do them justice

“The pictures give them a lot more credit. Once you look the purple strip in the front there's no hologram there the backside the yellow color is off. If you're looking you can see these Chinese characters on the $100 bill.”

The two suspects were found with drug paraphernalia and the fakes during a traffic stop in Iredell County. Conolly was in possession of 83 of the bills, and Jenkins had 14.

“If you're at a convenience store in a hurry you may take them, but they aren't the best fakes we've ever seen.” 

The Sheriff's Office says there are things you can do to make sure you're only collecting the real deal: 
Make sure when you look at the bills to have the purple holographic strip down the middle there's a hologram there and the numbers move when you move with the light and you can hold them to a bright light and you should see a strip inside between the two papers that say $100 bill on one side or the other and on the back you should see a hologram face as well.

The Sheriff's Office is now on a mission to put a stop to counterfeit bills being passed in the area.

“Apparently other jurisdictions in our area have had issues with these bills so hopefully we can interview these folks find out where the money came from and get it stopped.” 

If you receive a bill that looks questionable the Sheriff’s Office says they're are always happy to come take a look at it-- just give them a call.