2 dogs killed, family displaced by Huntersville house fire

Two dogs were tragically killed in a house fire in Huntersville on Thursday.

A scorched home is not a sight anyone wants to come home to, but that's exactly what one Huntersville family was left looking at.

“When I went out to get something from the car, I noticed police here, and then I saw some sparks in the back of the house,” said Anna Diggs.

She lives right across the street from the house that went up in flames on Glenfurness Dr. She says the flames, at one point, were so high they could be seen from the interstate.

“We actually had a friend call and ask if our house was on fire,” Diggs said.

Firefighters tell FOX 46 the family that lived at the home had just stepped out.

“The family had left about 30 minutes before the fire,” Chief Bill Suthard with the Huntersville Fire Department said.

They came back to a shocking scene.

“They arrived back to us already at their house,” Chief Suthard said.

Firefighters say the flames started on the first floor of the home near the back and worked its way up.

The family's two dogs inside the home during the fire were not able to make it out.

“Canines and cats are considered family, too, so it's not a good night for us,” said Suthard.

For neighbors, they could do nothing but watch as firefighters battled the flames and took a look at the damage.

“It was quite frightening to all of us because our houses are all closer,” Diggs said.

A family, now without a home on the holidays-- it’s something that isn't lost on the people here.

“It just breaks our hearts. It could have happened to any one of us. A candle, a bad electrical outlet, whatever it was,” said Diggs.

There is no word on a cause of the fire. The family is obviously very distraught. Their whole world has been turned upside down here in the last few hours.

They were on scene tonight, but did not want to be interviewed.