2 Gaston County teens report being attacked after having high beams on

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Two teenagers were attacked at random because they were driving with their high beam bright car lights on, according to police.

“To be honest...I really want to beat him up,” said Nicholas Crawford, 19, who was attacked after a black Jeep Wrangler followed him into his driveway off Union Road in Gaston County early Sunday morning.                

“I was scared. To be honest, it caught me off guard,” Crawford said.

He says he was on his way home from work, driving with his high beams on, when the Jeep Wrangler followed him, turning on several roads before they reached his driveway.

The whole thing was captured on a neighbor’s surveillance camera.

“The driver--he just automatically started saying, ‘Bright lights dude. Really? Bright lights.’ And as soon as he said that, they both got closer and when they got closer, the passenger went to hit me upside the head and when he tried to hit me, I put my arms up and blocked it. Then the driver grabbed me and we started wrestling.”

Crawford managed to get away and escape to his house, but the men began yanking on his car door. It’s damaged so badly it won’t even close now.

Crawford believes he was targeted because he’s black. The suspects are white.

“I really feel like it was because of the color of my skin.”

Now He wants the suspects caught.

“I hope it don’t ever happen again, and I hope other people don’t have to experience it. It’s crazy, it’s really crazy to me.”

Just 15 minutes after Crawford was attacked, Gaston County Police say a 17-year-old was also attacked after he was followed down Little Mountain Road.

"I rolled my window down and asked if there was a problem and the guy got close to me and he struck me in the face,” the 17-year-old victim told FOX 46. "It really scared me. My first thought was I got to get away from here." 

He didn't want to show his face, but said the attackers pulled up next to him at a red light on little mountain road at 2:00 a.m. on Sunday. 

The teen showed FOX 46 where the suspect kicked his car door, broke his hub cap, and busted through a locked door. 
"After he got it open he was pulling on me trying to get me out.” 

The attackers then punched him and his truck. 

"He put a dent in the door.” 

Then the 17-year-old managed to get away from the suspects and sped off.

"I just hit the gas really hard and got away." 

Police say the description of the attackers and the vehicle in the case is the same as the one involving Crawford.