2-year-old boy struck by car in Steele Creek

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Photo of Austin Harper, courtesy of the family.

CMPD is investigating after a 2-year-old boy ended up in the hospital afer he was struck by a vehicle in the Steele Creek area on Tuesday.

Officials responded to calls at 13544 Calloway Glen Drive around 9 a.m. to reports of a vehicle collision involving a young child. 

Medics arrived on the scene but the boy had already been taken to the hospital in a personal vehicle. The child's grandmother tells FOX 46 Charlotte that the boy was hit after running out of the house. He has a broken leg and internal bleeding but is in stable condition.

“I was asleep when he snuck out of the house at 8:30 in the morning and I should have been up and been watching him or known he got out, but he's really so sneaky, and he can do stuff so fast, and when I heard the crying and screaming, I jumped up instantly,” mom Felicia Harper told FOX 46. 

Harper says she is living a nightmare. Her two-year-old son was hit by a car Tuesday morning and could have lost his life.

“This lady and some man that was with her had my son and was like 'here, here! He was out in the road. I didn't see him. I accidentally sideswiped him.'” 

Doctors told Harper that her son, Austin, is going to be ok, but it's not going to be easy for the normally rambunctious toddler who also has a twin brother at home.

“He'll have a cast, a wheelchair possibly but all in all, I’m just glad he's alive and it didn't kill him.” 

Their grandmother says Austin reportedly ran out of the home while his twin brother's diaper was being changed. She says the woman struck the child and took off, but later came back. 

Harper says she's grateful the driver didn't leave her son lying in the road, but added she thinks the car was going too fast through this neighborhood.

“The damage that was done to not only my son but her car too was enough to tell me you was going way too fast," she said. 

Police say this is not a hit-and-run. CMPD's Major Crash Unit is actively investigating the incident.