2019 property revaluation numbers are out

The taxes you pay on your property could skyrocket this year. The 2019 revaluation numbers are out.

"I think mine was 58 percent higher when I did the math on it," said Stephanie Cornegay who lives on N Alexander Street in NODA. She’s lived in her home since 2003.

"Looks to be about at least a 50 percent increase from when we moved in a year back," said Herbert Klann who lives across the street.

Both Cornegay and Klann say they looked up their new property values online. The new numbers from the 2019 reveal in Mecklenburg County came out on Thursday.

"I wish it wouldn't have gone up that much, but I think I was prepared mentally," said Cornegay.

"It's something that we've been slowly preparing for," said Klann.

Surprisingly, Klann and his neighbor Cornegay weren't that upset about having to pay higher property taxes. This is the first countywide property revaluation in Mecklenburg County since 2011.

"I know charlotte is growing and it's a great place to live. Sometimes you have to pay more to live in a nice place like this," said Cornegay.

"Long-term, I think it will help with the overall property values of the neighborhood," said Klann.

The county sent out a letter on Wednesday to 400,000 property owners with their new property value. It has directions on how to ask questions about the revaluation nd how to file an appeal.