22-year-old shot, killed in Pineville, 15-year-old in custody

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A young man was killed in Pineville Wednesday night, and police say the suspect in the shooting is a teen, who knew the victim. 

*WARNING: The video and photo above are graphic. Some viewers may find the images disturbing.*

22-year-old Nikidrien Bailey was shot and killed at the Pines Apartments on Oct. 18, according to Pineville Police.

The suspect, a 15-year-old, is charged with second degree murder and is now being held in jail. 

A graphic photo taken by a neighbor shows the terrible and very real outcome of senseless violence: Two young lives, and those of their families and friends, now forever changed.

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"The father was distraught. He told me that was his boy lying over there. I tried pulling him into me to console him a little bit," neighbor Tyler Seeley said. 

Seeley says he's not surprised about the violence and plans to move out.

"I would have been surprised a year ago. After living in this neighborhood, it seems there's a lot of bad news around here lately. The way people are acting. It's a different time. Even since a year ago," he said.

Nine days ago, Pineville Police say they had another homicide at Willow Ridge Apartments. It was believed to be self-defense. Before that, Pineville Police hadn't dealt with a homicide since July 2016.

"We've had incidents in our apartment too. Somebody was trying to come in through the children's room. We heard the lock jiggling one night. I was all over that. By time we got outside and turned on the lights they were gone," said Seeley.

A small memorial has been set up in the place where Bailey died, honoring the man who lost his life so early.