3 charged in connection to stolen car from Indian trail dealership

Randolph, Patton, and Tesfazion

Three men are facing charges in connection to the theft of a car Monday from an Indian Trail car dealership. 

According to Union County Sheriff, two men posting as customers entered the Auto Track, located on US 74 west of Monroe, expressing interest in buying a 2011 Chevrolet Camaro. While one of the men distracted the salesman in conversation, the other took the keys for tha car and sped away toward Charlotte. 

Deputies were able to locate the Camaro at a Charlotte residence in the 1200 block of Cheviott Hill Lane using a tracking device implanted inside the car. Deputies say they also located a second vehicle that was reported stolen at the residence. 

Aubre Cornelius Randolph, 22, of Charlotte, is charged with larceny of motor vehicle and felony conspiracy. Sam Oscar Patton, 22, of Detroit, MI, faces charges of larceny of motor vehicle and felony conspiracy. Finan Tesfazion, 23, of Charlotte, faces charges of felony conspiracy.

All three suspects have been release from the Union County Jail and are due in court on May 29, 2018.