3 injured after car rips through Gaston County home at 90 mph

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A suspect led NC Highway Patrol on a high-speed chase that ended when he ran the car into a home at 90 mph in Gastonia, injuring three people, according to the Gastonia Police Department.

Around 9:30 p.m. Thursday the suspect was trying to evade NC Highway Patrol when he lost control of the car and ran into a home near East Ozark Ave. and Ida St. at about 90 mph. Gastonia police said they aren't sure why the chase started but the man had multiple warrants out for his arrest. 

The suspect tried to run, but was caught and taken to the hospital for minor injuries. He will be taken into custody after being treated. 

Reports indicate that there was a deaf couple in the house at the time of the incident in the room the car went through. They were transported to hospital and treated for minor injuries. 

Lowes is expected to be at the house Friday morning to help the couple rebuild their damaged home.