3 Months after Losing 2 Sons, Gentry Eddings Releases Music to Help Others

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To say Gentry and Hadley Eddings have been going through a tough time is an understatement. Three months ago they lost both of their sons in a car accident; Dobbs, 2, was in a car seat in the back of his mother's vehicle while she was eight months pregnant with Reed. After the accident in, Hadley had an emergency Caesarean section, but Reed died days later.

What struck many people about this young couple is that in the midst of all their grief, they quickly forgave Matthew Deans, the truck driver that ran into Hadley Eddings vehicle. "When we saw him last week, he apologized and was very sincere about it, and we got to forgive him. It was an emotional, but good thing," Gentry Eddings said on Good Day Charlotte.

He said his Christian faith made it easier to forgive Deans. "It's been a challenging season for sure, but we are trusting in God, and He is being our strength and our hope and getting us through this."

When remembering his sons, Eddings says they were full of joy. "The time we got to spend with Dobbs was some of the best memories of my entire life," Eddings said. "And Reed, though our time with him was shorter, we had a great time with him as well, and we certainly miss them a whole lot."

Eddings says he's turned to music as a way to get through the tough times. He's releasing new worship music at a concert at Forest Hill Church in Ballantyne Saturday night. He hopes the songs will help other people going through their own trials.