3 suspects attempt to rob Belmont CBD dispensary

Belmont Police and a small business owner are searching for the three suspects who tried to break-in to a CBD dispensary off Wilkinson Blvd. It happened at Mellow Hemp Farms around 5:15 Monday morning.

Security footage from inside the store shows the 3 suspects arriving on bikes. First, they try to unlock the door by putting their hands through the mail slot on the front door. One of the suspects finds a chair and throws it at the front window. The window shatters, but stays standing. Another suspect then throws a sand bag before all three leave the area on bikes.

The suspects were unable to break in to the store, but they did leave behind a mess outside as well as a broken window. A report have been filed in Belmont Police and the store owner posted the video on Facebook.

The owners tells FOX 46 Charlotte he doesn’t believe the suspects were looking for money, but instead he believes they wanted to steal the products inside the store. He wants them caught before they strike another business or nearby. 

The dispensary plans to install more security cameras. Anyone with information should call Belmont Police at (704) 825-3792.