4 new charges for Bessemer City man accused of plowing into restaurant, killing family

A double murder suspect accused of killing two of his family members broke down crying in court on Monday.

Roger Self is charged with intentionally driving his car into a Bessemer City restaurant last May, killing two family members and injuring three others.

There was anguish on Self’s face, as he heard the prosecutor read an indictment accusing him of killing his own daughter, Katelyn Self.

Roger Self cried several times in court Monday during a hearing announcing new charges against him. His family members also wiped away tears.

Investigators say Self intentionally drove his car into the Surf and Turf restaurant on May 20 of last year where his whole family was seated.


Roger’s daughter, Katelyn Self, and his daughter-in-law, Amanda Self, were killed. Roger’s wife, Dianne, his son, Josh and his 13-year-old granddaughter were injured.

At the time, Roger Self’s pastor said Roger had been struggling with severe depression and anxiety and that months before the killings, he had asked his family to take his guns away from him.

On Monday, Self was served with four new counts, which include attempted first degree murder and assault with a deadly weapon intent to kill inflicting serious injury. The charges are related to the injuries Self’s wife and son suffered, according to his attorney. He pleaded not guilty to all the charges.

As Roger Self left the courtroom, he turned to his family. Roger’s brother tells FOX 46 he told them “I love y’all” as he walked out.

Roger Self’s attorney says he’s being held under a $1 million dollar bond. It’s unclear if he’ll remain in jail in Raleigh.

He was being held there in a place that specializes in mental health needs for inmates, according to a state official.

The Gaston County District Attorney says he’s aiming for a trial date for Roger Self in February 2020.