5 murders in 1 week, 17 this year; CMPD says cases getting harder to solve

Numbers from CMPD show at this time last year there were 7 murders in Charlotte. If the current rate of 17 so far this year continues, Charlotte could finish with more than 100 murders.

Charlotte's 5th homicide in a week happened around 3:30 Wednesday morning. Investigators say 52-year-old Titus Campbell was shot and killed inside a home on Tresevant Avenue following a disagreement between a group of people.

A man has been arrested in the murder, police say. 26-year-old Jamarkus Crawford was taken into custody Wednesday evening. He has been charged with murder.

Of the 17 murders so far this year, investigators say the majority are between people who know one another.

"What we can't seem to interrupt is when you’re acquainted with someone in your house, you have an argument and you settle it with a firearm,” said Chief Kerr Putney.

But that doesn't mean CMPD officers are throwing in the towel. They're still working to get guns off the street. Nearly 1,000 stolen guns were confiscated by officers in 2018. 

Investigative work has also been key. This year CMPD officers have solved eight of the 17 murders with arrests.

At least one of the five murders spread across Charlotte over the past week is proving challenging to solve.

CMPD investigators said Tuesday that no one has come forward offering information in the homicide of Melson Quince. He was shot outside Club Nikki’s early Monday morning.

Detectives say hundreds of people were at the club and may have witnessed the crime.

"I am ashamed of my community because very few people came forward with anything to help us out,” said the lead detective on the case.

There is a $5,000 reward for information in that case.