5 teens charged after SWAT standoff at north Charlotte home

Five teens have been charged in connection to a string of overnight crimes after a four-hour standoff with police. 

Zaire Witherspoon, 19, Kiyara Stevens, 16, Nathan Bellamy,18, Paris Lee, 19, and Dontavia McMorris, 16 are all charged with attempted robbery from a business and conspiracy to commit robbery from a business.

Police say the teens tried to rob a gas station early Friday morning, then ran to a north Charlotte home where they barricaded themselves. 

Neighbors along Stourbridge Lion Drive say they woke up to police ordering them to evacuate their homes for safety. 

"They were afraid of gunfire and stuff, so they said just move from the front part of the house,” neighbor Penny told FOX 46. She says she’s lived on the street for years. 

Officers responded to the 7-Eleven in the 8100 block of Old Concord Road after receiving reports of an attempted armed robbery.

"They knocked on my back door and told me that, asked me if I could leave home and I said not this early why, and they told me that the neighbors across the street directly in front of me had robbed 7-11,” Penny said.

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While investigating at the 7-Eleven they learned the suspects were in a house just around the corner, and they weren't coming out. 

"It was probably like about 20 police out this morning and I usually take a walk every morning so it was really, really crazy,” another neighbor told FOX 46. 

Police say the five suspects surrendered peacefully after the hours-long incident. 

"I was peeping and I saw the young guy come out when they finally started coming out and I said 'oh my lord, look at the child', you know, it's a shame,” Penny said. 

Those in the neighborhood say it’s usually quiet, but several people living in the home where the suspects were found have been arrested in the past. Neighbors say they're fed up. 

"If the judge would do his job it would be better but the police doing theirs when they arrest them, then the judge lets them out what's the use?" 

A man who arrived at the house around 5 p.m. told FOX 46 that he was the homeowner, and had no idea what had been going on.