5-year-old saved after being pulled from pool unconscious with no heartbeat

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Lifeguards and team members at the Monroe Aquatics and Fitness Center are being honored after saving the life of a 5-year-old child who slipped underwater and lost consciousness. 

On June 26, Aaron Tanczos, 5, began drowning while swimming at the Center's water park. Team member Lori McClellan saw Aaron and pulled him to the side of the pool. Aaron had no heartbeat, and was not breathing when he was pulled out. 

Lifefuards jumped into action, positioning Aaron and calling for emergency assistance. Kersten Prince administered rescue breathing while Heidi Jacobi, a team member and former Medic, began chest compressions. Lifeguards Jayce Briggs and Lucas Pascal also assisted, and thanks to their quick thinking and teamwork, Aaron had regained consciousness by the time EMS arrived on scene. 

“This was a life-changing event not only for Aaron and his parents, Melanie and Mate Tanczos, but also for everyone involved. We are proud of our well-trained and attentive staff at the Monroe Aquatics Center and thankful for the caring community members who all worked together to save Aaron’s life,” said Mayor Bobby Kilgore.

The lifeguards and team members were recognized at a July 16 City Council. The Tanczos family was in attendance and thanked each rescuer for thier life-saving actions. 

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