5,000+ Meck County employees to receive active shooter training

Mecklenburg county manager Dena Diorio is stepping up her efforts to make sure all employees in the county feel safe.

She just announced the launch of a county-wide active shooter training program.

Diorio says this initiative is a proactive measure to make sure everyone is properly trained in case of an emergency.

In an e-mail to more than 5000 county employees, Diorio said "we cannot let fear and distrust take hold of how we live our everyday lives.”

Diorio says after the San Bernardino shooting,  she had to ensure workplace safety.

“We have a lot of people who come into our facilities and we need to do everything we can to protect our employees,” she said.

What would happen in an active shooter training program? FOX46 talked with a longtime CMPD detective with a background on training local businesses and churches on things to look out for.

“Nine times out of 10, most offices are not prepared for a crisis at their office. If that's part of their introduction to the company or part of their training, it would be absolutely wonderful,” detective Garry McFadden said.

In active shooter training, employees go through different scenarios to learn what to do if there’s an alarming phone call, a bomb threat or a suspicious person comes to the workplace.

McFadden shared some of the scenarios with us.

“A young man who is upset with his wife comes through the office and they're going through a divorce. He can cause great havoc,” McFadden said.

Officials tell us threat levels to train for can range from domestic violence to domestic terrorism. In the training, employees would learn about good hiding places and how to create exit strategies.

Diorio says the training would not be mandatory, but they will highly encourage all employees to take advantage of it once it's available. She also said they're still in the process of implementing the program. Right now they're reaching out to security officials, to get the ball rolling.