521 Bridge Closing

Sandy Katopodis has owned the Dive In restaurant in Pineville for more than 7 years, and over the years, she's seen so much development outside her windows. Katopodis said, "It has grown increasingly, we see more businesses coming in, more dealerships."

And all this growth, has brought customers to this small family business, now, people who eat at the Dive In are like family. Katopodis said, "We know so many of our customers by name."

The intersection of 51 and 521 in Pineville - where the Dive In sits, has recently been a traffic nightmare. Fielding cars from South Polk street - and Carolina Place Parkway. And now a new bridge construction project could add to that traffic nightmare. Katopodis said, "It will take some getting used to - because it will be a long project."

Neighbors living in the Pineville area - received a notice - alerting them that starting in January of 2016, through October or November, the bridge past Town Centre Drive will be closed - and all traffic will be detoured onto Carolina Place Parkway.

It’s part of the DOT’s bridge widening project - statewide - that is bound to create major congestion.

You can view NCDOT projects here.