6% off: South Carolina's sales tax holiday starts Friday

These are just some of the supplies purchased by Amy Rhine, a kindergarten teacher in Las Vegas, Nev., for her class last year.

South Carolina's sales tax holiday is getting ready to begin.

Starting at 12:01 a.m. Friday, the state is removing the 6% sales tax from a number of back-to-school items ranging from computers to clothes to school supplies to bed and bath items for college dorms.

South Carolina has set aside the first Friday through Sunday of August as a sales tax holiday weekend since 2000.

Georgia and North Carolina had similar sales-tax-free weekends, but North Carolina ended its holiday in 2013 and Georgia followed suit in 2016.

Critics call the holiday a gimmick that provides much less savings than sale prices that retailers frequently offer. The state Revenue Department has a full list of sales tax exempt items this weekend at its website. 

CLICK HERE for more information and the full list of exempt items.