6 tons of ice, thousands of bottles of water brought in at speedway to beat heatwave

This weekend is the 60th running of the Coca-Cola 600 and it could be one of the hottest on record. Charlotte Motor Speedway officials say they are ready to host thousands of fans, while keeping them cool and safe.

As fans drove in to the Charlotte Motor Speedway campgrounds on Friday they were already thinking of ways to stay cool under the hot Carolina sun.

“We are tent camping in that old teepee over there. We are just staying in the car as much as we can. We go up to the mall and walk around up there. We are from Ohio so we are not used to this extreme heat,” said Steve Mock.

Others campers decided to bring the comforts of home with them. The speedway was helping people fill up pools right next to their campers.

“We have been talking about it for a few years. We finally decided to pull the trigger and put the pool up and see what happens,” said Ryan Bradshaw.

The speedway is taking the heat seriously. There are dozens of refrigerated trucks on site holding more than 6 tons of ice and more than 30,000 bottles of water.

Charlotte Motor Speedway has also setup four EMS locations around the track. 300 first responders are on spread across the facility as well as 20 ambulances.

Giant fans, portable cooling stations and oversized umbrellas are also available for spectators.

Fans from all 50 states and all walks of life are camping at the track this weekend. Some are enjoying the hot weather.

“I was born and raised in northern Wisconsin and my hometown one year hit 60 below zero. So I am done with cold weather,” said Jerry Ludke, who was sitting in his pool.

While there will be plenty of water for sale this weekend, fans are allowed to bring in their own beverages to the race this weekend.