73-year-old woman injured in carjacking, suspects on the loose

Police are searching for two suspects after they reportedly forced a woman to drive them around, then violently tossed her out of the car.

"He jerked me out of the car, flung me on the ground,” 73-year-old Linda Auten tells FOX 46. 

Auten said she was roughed up—and left shaken up-- when the two men carjacked her vehicle.

"I was getting ready to leave and he got in there and another guy got in the back seat,” Auten said. 

Auten says she was just out shopping at the Dollar General on Union Rd, in Gastonia when a young man asked for a ride. She said no, but he and his buddy got into the car anyways, and forced her to drive.

"We got halfway up there to the armory. The next thing I know they jerk the keys out of my car,” said Auten. "They got out of the car, threw me out, and took off."

She landed hard on her right arm, injuring her elbow and swelling up her right hand.

"They grabbed me by this arm and pulled me right out and hit this arm. You can tell it's a bit swollen there and it's really on my elbow."

Auten says she's never seen the two young men before, and has never had any problems shopping at the dollar general.

"I hadn't had no trouble since they've been open,” she said. 

Police say they're looking for the green 1998 Honda Accord, and the two men Auten says stole it. As for her arm, she says it's not broken, but will take some time to heal.

"It hurts some, that's why they put the sling on here so it wouldn't hurt a lot."