9 people hurt in school bus crash

"Everybody was scared, but we all didn't know what to do," said Andrew Johnson a 10th grader at Turning Point Academy.  

It's a bus ride he wont forget.

"Scary. It's way different from a car accident," Johnson said. 

Johnson was among the handful of kids on this bus heading home from school when according to him a car pulled out in front of them 

"We hit the floor and we look up there's a car that jumped out in front of us.My bus driver tried to hit the brakes and all she could do is swerve and minimize the damage," he said.  

Andrew's hand got banged up in the accident. He was treated by Medic on scene.  He says he understands how lucky he and the other classmates are their injuries weren't worse. 

I'm a little shaken up. Being in a bus accident, I'm a little shaken up. I hit my arm. My fingers are numb and my whole right arm is just hurting. I'm very grateful actually and I thank God for keeping his hands on me. I'm very grateful that i get to go home with my mom." he said. 

Medic says there were nine people with possible injuries. 

Only two were transported with minor injuries to CMC.