9 Year Old Girl Makes Gift, Gives to Luke Kuechly after Practice

The Carolina Panthers had their first practice Wednesday, since clinching the NFC Championship on Sunday. One young fan made Luke Kuechly a gift, and she got to give it to him after practice.

Fans swarmed around the practice field just waiting for autographs and a chance to meet their favorite players Wednesday. Cam Newton ran by the fans on his way in. Usually the quarterback rides in to practice on a golf cart, which is how he made his exit Wednesday.

9 year old Talyn Morris from Denver, NC made a bracelet with Panthers colors for Kuechly. She waited for about two hours outside practice to give it to him and get his autograph on a football.

Morris said, “I freaked out when I saw Luke Kuechly because I love him, and when I got to touch his hand, I almost died.”

After Kuechly was just past her, Morris yelled out, “I love you, Luke. Don’t forget it.”

Fans have two more chances to meet and greet the Panthers before they leave for the Super Bowl. They'll be practicing again Thursday and Friday.