911 call from night 14-month-old was killed in flood waters released

Just two weeks ago, the body of a 14-month-old boy who was swept away by floodwaters caused by Hurricane Florence was found. On Monday, the 911 call from that tragic night in Union County was released.

As Hurricane Florence moved inland on the night of Sunday, Sept. 16, flooding was overwhelming several eastern counties in the Carolinas.

In Union County, barrier had been set up on flood-prone roads, such as Highway 218, but they didn’t help Dazia Lee and her son Kaiden Lee Welch.

Dazia drove onto the flooded road in Union County, saying she never saw the barriers that were set up that night. That’s when her car was swept up in the rushing water. 

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"She saw their car and another car on the opposite side so she thought she could go back up on that road," family friend Gloria Howard said. 

A woman who lives nearby quickly called 911 when she heard the mother and child struggling through the storm.

“Hey, we are on 218 where it washed out right there at Richardson’s Creek, and there's a car that is been washed out and we can hear them screaming. Right here at Olive Branch. I can hear them screaming. My husband just ran out there on foot,” the neighbor told the dispatcher. 

The car went deeper and deeper into a wooded area, eventually getting tangled and stuck in a knot of trees. 

"It's way down in there now, I don't know, oh goodness gracious," the caller could be heard saying. 

Dazia managed to get herself and Kaiden out of the car after it came to a stop, but as Dazia was wading through the flooded road with her son, she lost her grip on him. 

"I couldn't hold on anymore, and he let go," Dazia told FOX 46. 

Little Kaiden's body was found on Monday, Sept. 17. A vigil was held for him on Friday, Sept. 21 where his heartbroken mother was seen sobbing. 

"I lost my blood to me and someone who made to me happy every day. Now I can't even wake up to see him. I can't hold him. I can’t even play with him anymore because he's gone. God is just watching him and God is just taking care of him now," Dazia told FOX 46.

The Union County Sheriff's Office has not officially closed the investigation, but no charges have been filed.