911 call of vicious Union County dog attack released

911 calls from a pit bull attack in Union County on Dec. 28 have been released. The attack at an Indian Trail home injured two men and a Union County Sheriff’s Deputy. All three have since been released from the hospital.

The 911 call is more than 12 minutes long and begins with terrifying screams from one of the victims who is still being attacked by the dogs.

“Ok where is the animal at now?” said the operator.

“They are attacking that boy!” said the caller.

Donte Davis, 25, was still being attacked during the 911 call and suffered serious injured to his face and head. The pit bulls also attacked the 911 caller, who says he was somehow able to get to safety outside.


“They bit me to my bone,” said the caller.

In the 911 call you can hear the caller knocking, in what sounds like an attempt to distract the dogs. It didn't work. Union County Deputies say they arrived within minutes, but the dogs were still attacking Davis inside.

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The pits then turned on the deputies, biting one in the arm. Both dogs were shot and killed by deputies.