911 Calls: Dog that was shot by police after attacking Veteran euthanized

UPDATE: 12/13/16 (11:40 a.m.): A dog that was shot by police in York after he attacked a 71-year-old veteran was euthanized, according to the dog's owner who says he didn't give consent.

The owner, Robert Miles, said York County Animal Control took his dog Loki to a vet after it was shot. He said animal control also took his roommates dog, Gunny, who was involved in the attack and he won't get the dog back until the court hearing for their leash law violations in February.

A Vietnam War veteran is in the hospital after he was attacked by his neighbor's dogs while putting up holiday decorations.

Buddy Owens' family says he'll most likely be in the hospital for another week after having to have surgery due to the attack.

The 71-year-old was putting up Christmas lights Sunday morning outside his home on Oklahoma Street in York, SC when police say he was attacked from behind, knocked down and bitten by two dogs.

"It's probably the worst call to get that the police are here and someone you love is on the way to the hospital," said Owens' step granddaughter, Kelly Mitchell. "It makes your heart drop."

When police arrived at the home, they say the dogs charged at Buddy's neighbor, chasing her back inside her home. According to the report, one of the dogs came towards an officer and he felt threatened, so he shot the dog around its face.

"According to the report, our officer, who is also a canine officer and who has been around canines and works with canines, noticed the dog's hair on the back of his neck was standing up and was coming towards him in an aggressive manner," said Sgt. Kevin Hoffman with the York Police Department.

Robert Miles, the owner of the dog that was shot, says the two dogs, Boxer and American pit bill terrier mixes, were inside the fence in his backyard. He doesn't know how they got out.

"It is extremely traumatic for both parties," Miles said. "I feel terrible about what happened to him. I feel just as bad that my dog was shot by police, which I don't agree with."

The York Police Department says they are investigating whether their officer's actions were justified.

The dogs' owners were given citations for not having them on a leash. Police say they could face additional charges related to the attack on Owens.

As for Owens, his family says he is expected to have more surgeries in the days to come.