95-year-old 'Dabbin Granny' cheers on Panthers

A 95- year-old grandmother was glued to her TV screen during the Carolina Panthers game as she rooted for her favorite team.

Mary ward became a viral sensation after a picture of her dabbing circulated around the internet. That's when she  gained the nickname "Dabbin' Granny."

On game days, Ward sits in her lucky chair. Right after church on Sunday's, watching her Panthers is a must.

Ward will tell you she's been around longer than the sport of football, before the National Football League became an organization.

"When I went to school, we didn't have nothing but baseball and softball," she said.

But over the years, she grew to love the sport and the Carolina Panthers.

Recently, the world got to see just how much of a Panthers fan she is. Her grandson took a picture of her dabbing in a jersey.  Cam Newton started doing the "dab" to celebrate touchdowns. Her grandson showed her the dance craze and that quickly turned her into an internet celebrity.

"He said I want you to do the dab. I said ‘How do you do that? I ain’t seen that yet.’ So he come up there and put this arm over it first. Then he said point down,” Ward described.

The longtime Panthers fan went to a home game for the first time last week and received the red carpet treatment from the team. She says that was a moment she'll always cherish.

"It just made me feel younger and made me feel better. That was the best day I had since I was a teenager,” she said.

Ward  hopes to experience that same feeling in February at the most important game of the year.

"They're going to the Super Bowl,” Ward said.