A bad attitude could be hurting your career, new study shows

If you've got a bad attitude it may be hurting your career. That's no surprise to psychologist Wendy Dickinson.

“I think attitude is very important. So much is influenced-- what we believe about ourselves and what we believe about the world,” Dickinson said. 

New research published by the American Psychological Association shows that cynicism or having a negative attitude can have a toxic effect on a person's earnings. 

“No one wants to work with someone negative and difficult and a lot of work we do is team based. 

One German study of 16,000 workers found that those who reported lower levels of cynicism on the job earned on average about $300 a month more than their more cynical co-workers. 

“[It can] impact relationships with co-workers. Cynacism will show up in evaluations and those evaluations lead to pay increases.” 

And Dickinson says what you look for-- you find. 

“It is possible to change your attitude - start looking at how you approach a problem,” she says. 

Dickinson encourages people who are natural cynics to seek out their more positive co-workers to see what they can do to change their approach.