'A disturbing sight.' Dead dog believed to be used for fighting found in SC creek

A dead dog was discovered Friday morning in a creek on private property in Indian Land. 

According to Michael Metcalf, he came home and just happened to look in the creek on his neighbor's property to see the disturbing sight. 

"This is the third one we found on our road. Someone is dumping dead dogs, more than likely they have been fighting dogs or bait dogs, but either way beyond angry. This animal did not ask for this," Metcalf shared on a local neighborhood Facebook page. 

Metcalf said he reached out to the Lancaster County Sheriff's Office and spoke with Animal Control who said because it was on private property - they couldn't do anything. Metcalf said he also spoke with Lancaster County Roads and Bridges who said they couldn't do anything. 

"[I] was given the number to SCDEH, still waiting on call back. This poor animal is contaminating the water," he said. 

Metcalf tells FOX 46 Charlotte he believes all three dogs that were found dead were pit bulls.