A Halloween night of vandalism has a Concord neighborhood frustrated

A car spray painted pink with pictures of male genitalia and profanity is the left over work by vandals on Halloween night in Concord.

"Completely disgusting, what they did.  Over there, further down the street, it was worse," a neighbor said.

When it was all said and done, five police reports were filed, all less than a mile from each other.

Most of the graffiti has been cleaned up, but you can still see where the pink paint left its mark.

One neighbor didn't want to show her face on camera out of fear, but went on to tell FOX 46 Charlotte, seeing her car damaged was heart breaking.

"You feel bad because all the work you put into your home and that other people come and do this. It's just not right," a neighbor said.

One house even had a message directed to Donald Trump.

"They should have just talked about not liking him because they just don't like him, but not damage homes. They wouldn't like someone to go to their house and spray paint it," a neighbor said.

The man that lives at the house with the Trump graffiti, told Concord Police, kids in the area have yelled things at him before about black lives matters and Trump.

This mustang's owner tells FOX 46 Charlotte, she believes teenagers stole her daughters bike a few days before Halloween but never reported that to police.

As of Thursday afternoon, no arrests had been made.