A local animal shelter's urgent plea for adoption

The Gaston County Animal Shelter can no longer house all the animals in their facility due to renovation plans. This has caused a huge concern from the community that some animals may be euthanized.

With the start of renovation, nearly half the animals at the shelter have to find somewhere else to stay.

Normally the shelter can house about 50 dogs and 50 cats. “It’s amazing the kind of support and the amount of citizens and rescue groups that are coming to help us and get these animals future homes," Kristine Blankenship, Gaston Co. Animal Shelter Director said.

Blankenship says the state is requiring them to renovate their floors. She says the condition of the old building and floor are getting worse and need to be fixed soon for health reasons. The shelter wants to make room for the renovation plans by having half the animals moved out.

"We’re not planning to euthanize any animals for this renovation. We are just trying to get those numbers as low as possible so that there isn’t no overcrowded or stress for these animals, so we don’t have anything scheduled," Blankenship said.

Some don't believe Blankenship. “I think this is an excuse to get rid of some of the animals because they got overpopulated. There’s nothing but plenty of room out here," Isis Bey, animal rescuer said.

Blankenship also addressed recent allegations made by rescue groups that the shelter wrongfully put down a dog scheduled to be picked up. Thousands of petitioners called to have her fired.

"There is a lot of misinformation that is posted out there. Obviously social media. They put what they feel and a lot of it isn’t based on facts," Blankenship said.

She says she just wants to focus on helping the animals here instead of worrying about the past. Families agree that it is all about the animals right now, to help them find a forever home.

As of Tuesday morning there are 30 dogs at the shelter. They are looking to get that number down to 20. They have 70 cats and can only house 30. The county will be funding the renovation which starts Wednesday morning.

Gaston County Animal Shelter says they’ll continue accepting new animals into the facility. However, they are highly encouraging people to make the shelter their last resort because of the renovation project.

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