ABC Commission, Wild Wing Cafe try to reach agreement in alcohol case

A Wild Wing Cafe in the Ayrsley Town neighborhood is trying to reach an agreement with the NC ABC Commission.

Documents provided by the NC ABC Commission state a customer was served 17 shots of alcohol, within a 4-hour-period.

Fox 46 Charlotte spoke with a local alcohol law enforcement officer who said that customer then died when driving off the I-485 overpass and onto I-77 in September of 2017. 

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The incident was brought before the NC ABC Commission. The agency has issued several permits to the business which allows them to serve alcohol. The commission is tasked with examining if any penalty should be imposed on the business.

Deputy Director of NC Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission, Agnes Stevens, said at a regularly scheduled meeting Wednesday,  the case was taken off the agenda after commissioners rejected an offer from Wild Wing Cafe.

The business offered to pay $1,000 in fines or suspend their alcohol license(s) for ten days.

The commission and business will try to reach a settlement by next month. 

Fox 46 Charlotte contacted the south Charlotte Wild Wing Cafe for comment. Employees refused to comment.

The day after our report aired, the business sent Fox 46 Charlotte this statement:

"This is a tragic incident, and our heartfelt thoughts continue to remain with the Kite family. At Wild Wing Cafe, we always strive to create a safe environment where friends and family come together to listen to live music and enjoy good food.  

We would like to clarify a few reports that have been published and reported on news and media outlets. On September 18, Mr. Kite was with a group of several people at our restaurant for multiple hours. The alleged violation from the ABC Commission suggests that one person received 17 shots.

This is inaccurate as the drinks were consumed by the group and were simply on one bill. 

This tragic incident has had a lasting impact on the entire Wild Wing Cafe family. The safety of our guests is at the heart of our business and our culture, and we strive to ensure that every day."