Abused pit bull tied to a tree with bloody face, skin desease

A five-and-a-half month-old pit bull named "Chevy" is on its road to recovery after being discovered tied to a tree in Charlotte.

Chevy was tied up with blood on its jaw and face, suffering from an "apparent beating" and had no fur due to a mange skin disease, according to police reports. He also had no food or water.

Police reports add the dog was found on the property of a relative of the owner and the owner was "on the road."

The owner was reached by phone, according to reports, and said he no longer wished to take care of the dog.

Chevy was taken to Charlotte's S.P.C.A. and is now being rehabilitated.

The owner named Doug Stitt signed the dog over to Animal Control and charges were not filed. Animal Control says there was not enough evidence to file direct charges against the owner -- and its a situation where it is just happy to get the dog to a safe location.