Accused stalker issued 5 year no contact order, psych evaluation after FOX46 report

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A man accused of stalking and terrorizing a Union County woman faced a judge on Monday.

Logan Ursini, 21, said nothing but expletives to FOX 46 Charlotte as he entered the Union County courthouse on felony stalking charges.

Ursini is accused of stalking a 20-year-old woman in the county. FOX 46 Charlotte’s exclusive story showed Ursini pacing the young woman’s porch for three hours in the middle of the night.

Ursini was even captured talking directly at security cameras the family installed because of him.

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The accused stalker never had a relationship with his victim, only going to high school with her, but this didn’t stop him from leaving a display on her porch with a bible turned to the story of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Just like the biblical story, he left an alabaster jar which Mary used to pour perfume on Jesus’ feet. He also left sandals and other keepsakes.  

“She’s been a wreck and I don’t think that’s going to change anytime soon,” the young woman’s father said in court Monday morning.

The young woman’s father was in court as Judge Christopher Bragg sentenced Ursini to five years’ probation with a no-contact order towards the victim and her family, along with a psychological evaluation, substance abuse program and he’ll wear an electric monitoring device for at least six months.

If Ursini violates probation in any way, he’ll face a mandatory jail sentence with up to eight years locked up.

“We hope we never see him again,” the woman’s father said.

The judge went as far as saying, Ursini has built a perfect record for the family to shoot and kill him the next time he goes onto their porch.

The young woman’s family reached out to FOX 46 Charlotte to take action, saying the court wasn’t doing enough to protect them. The sheriff’s office arrested the 21-year-old three times and all that was issued was a no-contact order, which he kept breaking.

His misdemeanor charges became felonies when he broke the no-contact order.

“Logan, stay away,” the young woman’s father said.

Ursini wasn’t set to have a first appearance in Superior Court until May 2. The family believes FOX 46 Charlotte got results by getting their story out there, leading to an expedited court date and hopefully, a sentence that fits the crime and protects their family.

“It absolutely helped. 100 percent. There are cases where people are waiting years to be heard,” the father said.

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