Active-shooter drill gives glimpse of what it's like in the line of duty

A split-second decision can be the difference between life and death for law enforcement.

FOX 46 Charlotte’s David Sentendrey explains how a local community is walking in the line of duty – at least in a video game.

Shots fired…

“He just killed somebody right in front of you.”

Welcome to the Citizen’s Academy with the Catawba County Sheriff’s Office.

“Very impressive, very impressive,” Patricia Gabriel said who attended the mock active shooter situation.

“They want to learn what their sheriff’s office is about, what their police department is about,” a deputy explained.

Residents were in a mock active shooting situation where different scenarios twist in seconds, like a hostage standoff.

“You don’t have six months or a year in court to decide what you should have done. You have to make that decision right away,” a deputy said.

From weapons to armor, the sheriff’s office offers a walk in their gear.

“So I snuck up to the window and I peaked in and he’s just walking around like a madman with a shotgun,” another said while in the mock situation.

Citizens also got the chance to screen body cam footage with some close calls.

“Then you see the 9 millimeter in his belt when he rolls him over right there.”

The class comes at a time with a lot of questions directed at law enforcement from the community.

“People seem to be more interested in it now, they’re seeing a lot more of it in the media.”

The takeaway from those attending – training only gets you so far.

In Catawba County it’s just a glimpse of what can happen in the line of duty.