Acupuncture in the Carolinas: the Mind, Body, Spirit Connection

Acupuncture: it's a growing trend in Charlotte, from South Park to Uptown.  It can be used to heal everything from back aches to bronchitis, from depression to insomnia.   Is there truly a mind, body, spirit connection?

Christopher Baldwin, an avid tennis player from Charlotte.  He's been feeling the agony caused by  shoulder aches  and chronic knee pain.  Chris is seeking help from Dr. Lauren Lung of Leung Acupuncture in Charlotte for treatment.   “… Modern medicine has not helped me, and it's been about a year.  I've been thinking about acupuncture, because I know it's worked at times.  I play a lot of tennis.”

As a remedy for Chris' frozen shoulder, Leung - a licensed acupuncturist - applies the needles, along with a Chinese healing herb.  “You get the people better, and they don't come back because they're better.  You don't see them for the rest of their lives for the same illness over and over and over.”

Acupuncture is a tool used in ancient Chinese medicine, dating back 2,000 years.  The needles are placed in key meridian points of the body to release the flow of energy - chi - through the body.  14 million Americans have tried it, thousands in the Carolinas.

The needles are fine, hair thin, but with a twist, there is some pressure.  The practice aims to bring the mind, body and spirit back in harmony.  Some doctors believe the pressure of the needles may release endorphins in the brain.

Todd George is a licensed acupuncturist of Charlotte Acupuncture.  He takes a holistic approach to healing.  “Looking at any symptom – whether it be insomnia, anxiety, digestive issues or pain, there are little check engine lights going off, saying we need a little attention because the body is out of balance.   We will select acupuncture points and/or make dietary recommendations, or recommend Chinese herbal medicine to bring the body back into balance or homeostasis. “

GeGeorgeeferences neuroscientists who have been able to map the effects of acupuncture in the brain.  Doctors at the University of Minnesota have identified the right frontal lobe as the spiritual center of the brain.  Doctors at Harvard and Boston University suggest acupuncture leads to a slowing down of activity in the limbic system, the emotional part of the brain.

This  mind, body, spirit link may be found in the chi.  Some – including Esoteric Acupuncturists - see this life energy as a spiritual energy that animates all living beings.  For some, the healing takes time.  For others, the improvements seem almost miraculous.  Lynn, of Charlotte Acupuncture,  takes the needles like a champ.  “Afterwards it is very relaxing, as you are lying there with the needles in – it's very, very relaxing.  Most people afterward are just amazed at how calm and relaxed they feel.”