Adoptive parents to be charged with first-degree murder in Erica Parsons' death

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The adoptive parents of Erica Parsons will be charged with first-degree murder in her 2011 death, according to the Rowan County Sheriff's Office. 

Indictments on first-degree murder, felony child abuse, felony concealment of death, and felony obstruction of justice have been issued for Casey and Sandy Parsons. The announcement comes after a 4.5 year-long investigation into her death. 

Rowan County Sheriff Kevin Auten said Tuesday at a press conference, "There are people that think the Parsons should have already been hung on the square, and they’ll have their day in court. We’ll let the jury decide their fate."

Erica Parsons was reported missing from Rowan County in July 2013 by her adoptive brother but reportedly had not been seen since Nov. 2011. 

Her adoptive parents, Casey and Sandy, told investigators at the time that Erica had gone to visit her grandmother, Nan, but police were unable to locate them. 

It wasn't until Sept. 2016 that Erica's adoptive father, Sandy, led authorities to her remains in a wooded area in Chesterfield County. Sandy Parsons later admitted to authorities that his adoptive daughter's remains were discarded in Dec. 2011. 

In Jan. 2018, the medical examiner ruled Erica Parsons cause of death as homicide violence of undetermined means. Her autopsy report revealed disturbing details about how the missing teen lived and died. 

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Sandy and his wife Casey are currently serving sentences in separate federal prisons after being convicted of fraud for taking federal adoption assistance money meant for Erica long after the teen was gone for their home. 

Jamie Parsons, Erica's adoptive brother, spoke to Fox 46 Charlotte on Tuesday, the day he found out his biological parents, Casey and Sandy Parsons, will be charged with first-degree murder. Jamie Parsons says "excitement" came over him when an investigator called and told him his parents would be charged with murder in Erica's death.

But Jamie says other family members abused Erica too. Jamie said, "The whole family beat Erica."

He says he should go to jail too.

"I don't deserve to be over the guilt, it deserve to eat away at me for the rest of my life. I mean I allowed my sister to die."