Affordable housing in Charlotte still a problem for 2019

The turning of the calendar also marks one year as Mayor for Vi Lyles. She held a press conference Monday afternoon to announce her plans for the City of Charlotte in 2019.

"We are a city for everyone that lives here,” said Mayor Lyles.

But not everyone can afford to live here. The average rent for an apartment in Charlotte is $1,142.

For those looking to buy, the median home value is more than $220,000. That is a more than 10% increase in one year.

Charlotte City Council knows people are being priced out of the city, which is why this past November they asked voters for $50 million to use towards affordable housing. Voters approved that bond back in November.

"That is not enough yet. We've got more to do. I expect in early 2019 we will actually have a metric that you will be able to hold us accountable for when we start talking about what types of housing we will build and where we can locate,” said Mayor Lyles. 

Mayor Lyles plans to take an additional $50 million from the private sector. 

The now $100 million for affordable housing will focus on new construction in 2019, renovations to current affordable housing units and an additional crisis assistance program for families who need emergency help paying rent.

With these commitments, FOX 46 Charlotte asked Mayor Lyles when those struggling to make ends meet could finally see change.

"So when will we see it? We are going to be an active part in it and we hope to have results we are able to report soon,” said Mayor Lyles.

Mayor Lyles says an announcement is expected soon on where that additional $50 million will come from.