After child hit by foul ball at Astros game, FOX 46 asks how Charlotte Knights are keeping fans safe

On Wednesday night, a little girl had to be taken to the hospital after she was hit by a foul ball during the Cubs and Astros game in Houston. 

The Cubs player who hit the foul ball that hit the little girl at the game in Houston Wednesday night was visibly upset. The details of her condition have not yet been released. 

“It’s not his fault directly the stadium probably should have had more netting, but like I said, they kind of take their own risk when they enter the stadium,” one Knights fan told FOX 46. 

The video, which has been viewed by many, is both shocking and scary.

“That’s terrifying it makes me feel like I need to wear a helmet now,” another fan said.

The Charlotte Knights tell FOX 46 they’ve gone above and beyond the netting requirements for minor league baseball teams. They recently added more netting at BB&T Ballpark.

“We actually extended our netting to the end of the dugouts and we did that three years ago, it’s been very successful in protecting a lot of people from getting injured so we were proactive before people were really talking about this so it’s been a good thing,”

The netting now goes from dugout to dugout and above the ballpark, closer to the height of some nearby apartments.

“I think they should put up as much netting as they can to make sure the balls can’t get anywhere,” Charlotte Knights Chief Operating Officer Dan Rajkowski said.

One fan even suggested they put up netting all along the base lines.

“If you sit out by first of third base, it would definitely make sense that you need to have the fence out there, because if it goes a foul ball you could definitely get hit,”

Honestly it’s never been a concern of mine but obviously it happens in some situations so it can definitely be a concern for many.