After new trailer gets stolen; family takes matters into own hands

It's a sign you can't miss near the interaction of Mt Holly Huntersville Road in West Charlotte. 

"It's very disheartening that someone would steal this trailer,"said Tina Cochran.

The sign written on blue tarp states: "$ Cash Reward Stolen Trailer 704-724-8149"

The crime was reported to the police, but that wasn't enough. With help from a family friend, Tina Cochran and her husband took matters in their own hands.

"We have gotten some response and a lot of people have called in," Cochran said. 

What's worse is the family hasn't even got to use the brand new nearly $1,600 trailer meant for moving their lawnmower place to place.

"We really do need this trailer because we have three yards we have to cut," Cochran said. 

Cochran says they received leads from people but so far no luck.

"The community has been very kind to keep their eyes out and we are still praying for the return of our trailer," Cochran said.

With the grass growing and yard work needing to get done, Tina and her family hoping those responsible come forward. 

"It was a very costly investment that we were looking so happy to have. We just hate that we lost that. We hate that someone take that from us," she said.