After school’s abrupt closing, Charlotte mom says she can’t find another for her child

FOX 46 is working to get results for a student whose school suddenly closed, leaving her without a classroom. She was forced to find a new option, but now, her mother says her education is being delayed by CMS.

Dejuana McKinney says between transportation and cost, public school was the only place she could turn to get her child enrolled immediately. She says she never imagined it would be so difficult.

"These kids already have a rough transition because their school closed down and then you can’t start a new school, you have to sit and wait, that's frustrating." 

McKinney is the mother of a former Legacy Preparatory student. The school closed without notice just days before students were set to return from winter break. 

"It’s been hectic,” McKinney said. 

Her daughter Jasmine is supposed to go to West Charlotte High, the school in her district. Classes there already back in session, but Jasmine still isn’t there.

She says when she went to enroll her daughter, they told her it would be another two weeks before she could start school. 

"It feels like our kids are not being accepted and they're going to be singled out because they're coming from a charter school and a private school.” 

FOX 46 is working to get results for McKinney. We reached out to CMS to ask what's the hold up. They're response was that they're checking on it. McKinney says the hardest part is that West Charlotte High was the only option.

“I know it was too late to put her in another private or charter school. One private school did reach out but they don't provide transportation."   

The tentative start date west charlotte has given McKinney is January 27. She says she was told the quarter ends on the 24 and her daughter couldn't start before then.  

"If you're coming from out of state or out of the county if you register and the child is with you they start that day,” McKinney said. "They're already coming from a different environment and the transition is not going smooth." 

With Jasmine starting on Jan. 27, when you factor in the winter break, she will have been out of school for a full month when she returns.