After woman falls while mowing lawn, Shelby police officer steps up to help

Credit: Rebecca Schwinabart

A Shelby police officer was there to save the day after a woman fell while mowing her lawn and needed a little help.

Rebecca Scwinabart says her mom, Francine Fritz, was mowing the edge of her lawn on Tuesday when she lost her balance and fell over into the driveway. As Rebecca was bringing her mother her walker, a neighbor ran over to help. 

After a short time, a Shelby police officer showed up, saying another neighbor had called about someone passing out, and that an ambulance was also on the way. 

Medics checked Francine out and gave her the all clear, but the good news didn't stop there. After they left, Officer Lattitmore offered to mow the rest of the lawn, a great example of an officer going above and beyond. 

"Thank you Officer Lattitmore for your help!" Rebecca wrote. Great work!