AG's office bringing Salisbury company to court as result of FOX 46 investigation

FOX 46 is getting results for people who fell victim to a car repair shop. Customers said the owner, Charley Price, took their money, but didn’t always finish the job.

As a result of FOX 46’s coverage, customers started filing complaints with the Attorney General’s office. Now, the office is going to bring the company to court.

Charley Price, the owner of Advantage Wholesale Transmission in Salisbury was in no mood to talk to our cameras. When we asked why he hasn’t responded to the Attorney General’s inquiries, he said nothing.

The action by the Attorney General is a direct result of FOX 46's investigation last September into Price's questionable business practices. Employees told us they weren't getting paid; customers said Price wouldn't finish the repairs for which they paid.

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Keith Neely is one of those customers. “He told me no more than 2-3 weeks and he'd have my car back to me,” Neely told FOX 46 in September.

He took his car to Price for a new transmission a year and a half ago. We pressed Price twice for answers and got more lies.

When asked why Neely’s car wasn’t finished within the week Price promised, he responded, “I asked you to follow up with me in two weeks. I didn't know I said this week."

Today, five months later, Neely told FOX 46, “He still has it. He still has it and it's still incomplete.”

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Some of the customers we interviewed got their cars back; some employees got paid, but not all. In the meantime, Price who told us he was closing up shop is still taking in new customers.

“I've been paying insurance and taxes on it,” Neely said referring to his car, “but I’m not even driving it.”

Meanwhile he and his wife, who have two kids, are still sharing a ride, hoping the Attorney General's office will get results.

“I'm concerned they may close down his business, and then I get nothing,” Neely said.

The Attorney General’s office sent emails and letters to all who filed complaints, asking them to submit notarized affidavits to the Department of Justice, so they can bring Advantage Transmissions to court.