Air marshals who say they were told to racially profile send written complaint to TSA supervisor

The former federal air marshals who told FOX 46 a TSA employee instructed them to racially profile "the black people," using the n-word, have now sent a formal written complaint to the head of the TSA.

The three-page letter, signed by two of the air marshals, outlines the same disturbing complaints first made to FOX 46. Copies were sent to TSA Director David Pekoske, members of Congress and FOX 46.

"While I Steve Theodoropoulos and other Air Marshals were working at the Orlando airport we were instructed to meet up with TSA [FOX 46 is withholding name]," the letter, titled "FORMAL COMPLAINT," says.

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"During this time we were assigned to train at the Orlando airport for surveillance," the letter continues. "It was at this time we were instructed to get as many people as we could but specifically the "Black People." Mr. [name withheld] used the word "N----r" to identify black people. Henry Preston, Ed Cunningham, and I all heard [name withheld] use these words. The reason to round up the black people according to [name withheld] was because they had warrants. [Name withheld] told us he needed stats so he was running as many people as he could through the NCIC [FBI National Crime Information Center] system targeting anyone he could."

The allegations occurred a decade ago but the accused employee still works for the TSA in a managerial role. 

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A TSA spokesman previously said they would not investigate the employee who allegedly made the racist directive because they had no record of a complaint. Theodoropoulos said he did complain at the time but it went nowhere. 

FOX 46 sent the letter to a TSA spokesman and asked if an internal investigation would not be opened. The TSA did not respond to our request for comment. 

Four members of Congress are now calling for a full investigation by the Department of Homeland Security Inspector General's office, citing FOX 46's reports.