Airport officials give the 'all clear' after suspicious item reported at Charlotte Douglas

It's back to business as usual at the Charlotte Airport just hours after an unattended bag caused chaos amongst passengers. Some even missed their flights because of it. 

Charlotte Mecklenburg Police and Charlotte Fire crews have given the 'all clear' after they were called to Charlotte Douglas Airport for a report of a suspicious item. The good news is that there was nothing suspicious or dangerous inside that bag, but the scare did cause several backups. 

Traveler Paul Lacey had to return to the airport to pick up his bags. 

“We came down the escalator and they pointed us out the door ‘oh something happened’,” Lacey told FOX 46. 

He and other passengers left their luggage behind as police evacuated baggage claim Monday around 2:45 p.m. after a K9 sniffed out a suspicious package 

The Airport tweeted Monday afternoon saying law enforcement was onsite working a suspicious item call after something was found at baggage claim. Lower level traffic was rerouted to the upper level, and travelers were encouraged to stay win place and avoid airport roadways as the investigation went on. 

A witness at the airport tells FOX 46 that security is encouraging people to stay put in the rental car area, but if you need to catch a flight, Uber or Lyft they can proceed to the upper floor 'at their own risk.'

About two hours passed before police gave the all clear. Traffic backed up as people tried to get into the airport and out of it, but Greg O'Connor the wait was worth it. 

“Something’s up and we want them to be careful and for them to be on top of their game I have no complaints,” he said. .  

Police were able to track down the owner of that bag and return the luggage that was left behind. No other information has been released at this time.