Alexander County residents, leaders shoot down gun range proposal

A proposed gun range in Alexander County was voted down on Thursday night, but the decision may not be permanent.
Many of the people that spoke at the county meeting regarding the project say their reasons for not wanting the gun range have more to do with the sound and safety than gun rights, and the planning commission says they took that into consideration.

Hundreds gathered in Alexander Central High School’s auditorium to hear the pitch for, and the case against, the proposed gun range. 

Landon Ferguson of Ferguson Firearms pitched for the gun range off Teague Town Rd. in Taylorsville, but many neighbors are not for it.

"It'll take away the joy of living in my home, my safe place,” one woman told county leaders. She said she has a traumatic brain injury that's led to her being sensitive to sound.

She was one among many that made their case against the range. Out of the many that spoke, there were only a handful in support of Ferguson’s idea to build.

Ultimately, it came down to the wire, and as the vote took place people held up signs saying 'against.’ 

They got their wish— seven of the nine voted down the gun range. We had a chance to speak to Ferguson right after that vote was made. He says his fight for his business isn't over.

"Hopefully I can do everything, if this does happen to go through, I’m going to do everything I can to help them out,” Ferguson said. 

For those that would have lived near the range, weeks of rallying and hoping have paid off.

"It was a huge sigh of relief for us,” neighbor Patrick Watson said. 

Despite the denial from zoning and planning, there's still one more hurdle that has to be gone through with county commissioners. They're expected to take that up at next month's commission meeting.